Our Story



BEAUTY and ART ~ EXTRA-ORDINAIRE and VERSATILE. I truly want each design to be aesthetically pleasing as well as versatile and durable. They should last for years to come and be something that you can wear everyday or for special occasions.


When my daughter Maya was 2, I needed cute clips to hold back her curls...so I started making her quality bows that would actually stay in!  It started small...then quickly developed into a passion of creating beautiful, unique pieces that represented more than just a hair accessory.   Nine years later and I'm still doing what I love, thanks to my amazing husband!!   I especially LOVE to design ONE-OF-A KIND accessory lines for clothing companies, create custom pieces for editorial shoots and photography workshops,  and create the most beautiful bridal headpiece, perfect for each individual bride!  I’ve even had customers put their beautiful pieces in a shadow box frame for keepsakes after baptisms or weddings — literally turn it into a piece of art! I love to bring nature to life through my work…whether it is a bouquet headpiece or a simple flower clip, a bridal halo or a newborn headwrap. Mixing various textures and materials makes each design very unique, and it stands out in a crowd!  I also LOVE raising money for charities and collaborating with other amazing artists who are GIVING BACK and making their communities a better place for all.  


I have a BS in Environmental Education.  Nature and wildlife have always been extremely important to me.  I literally wanted to SAVE THE WHALES after I graduated!!  You'll see a great deal of BEACH shoots from some of my favorite photographers using my pieces...they mean so much to me!! There is nothing better than creating a piece that represents my LOVE for the outdoors and the natural beauty that surrounds us each day.  


Come take a magical adventure in the world of Maya's Curls!


XOXO ~ Juliet